Fall Infusion with Apple and Cinnamon

Everyone loves the flavors of fall, especially cinnamon and apple.  Make this simple infusion in your Mason Infuser now to have ready for fall parties.  I do this infusion as a vodka drink, but your can do it with infused water too.  Takes some time for apples to release their flavor, so I find it best to do this as an infused hot tea if I'm not doing it as a vodka drink.  I'll post that recipe separately.

  • Slice an apple into thin pieces, removing the core (seeds).  I use Fuji apples or Gala apples.  Organic is preferred, otherwise be sure to wash your fruit well before slicing.
  • Add 2 cinnamon sticks 
  • Combine in your Mason Infuser and fill with vodka.  I used Burnett's Vodka (  for this recipe, which is less expensive but good for infusing.
  • I infuse for at least 7 days before tasting.  Apples take a while to release their flavor.  Sip, Store and Pour from your Mason Infuser.

Apple Cinnamon Infusion in a Mason Infuser